Empowering Strong Girls

6:26 PM Posted by Dr. Janet Rose

I just had an amazing experience! I was honored to offer my 'B STRONG' presentation to a wonderful group of eighth grade young women at Fairview Middle School in Fairview, Pennsylvania! They are bright and talented and well on their way to growing into strong, independent, resilient women.

 I spoke to them about resisting the media messages that tell them femaleness is all about sexuality. We talked about what they value in themselves and how they want to brand themselves. We talked about building a strong mind and a strong body.

 I am so proud of these energetic young women. They took the "B Strong Pledge" and are taking the first steps to finding and celebrating their authentic beauty! You go, Strong Girls!

I am so thrilled to be working with this impressionable group of girls. I am looking forward to next week when I address the seventh graders! If you are interested in a presentation at your school please contact me at janet@drjanetrose.com! I would be glad to design a program for your school!

Amazing Strong Women in the Making!!!!

7:47 PM Posted by Dr. Janet Rose

I just spent a phenomenal evening at Edinboro University as a presenter at their Women in Leadership Conference! I had the opportunity to share some of my experiences in a brief introductory session and then to meet in small groups for intimate round table discussions. The women I met were brilliant, motivated, and well on their way to successful careers in a variety of fields from Education to Political Science to Forensic Accounting!

My presentation was meant to motivate and inspire as I shared "What I Wish I Had Known". Check out this video of my presentation. It was so much fun! Thanks to all I met and I wish you well as you "Google Map" your way to a successful career!

Padded Bikinis for Eight Year Olds? Abercrombie Should be Ashamed!

5:42 PM Posted by Dr. Janet Rose

Fox News just gave me a shout and wanted my opinion on this one!! Can you believe it, Mom and Dad! Abercombrie is marketing padded bikini, push-up tops for 8 to 14 year olds!! No, I am not kidding! Lets sexualize our children at age eight! Wow! I am speechless. I can't even begin to say what thoughts I am having. Just think...self-image, personal value, what it means to be female, promiscuity, depression, eating disorders, suicide....to name a few. Who are they marketing to? Why does predators.com keep popping into my thoughts? What is this world coming to? Fox News agrees and shares the views of others like myself in the article below. 

Fox News and Padded Bikinis

Should We Promote Two Year Old Divas?

11:28 AM Posted by Dr. Janet Rose

I just finished reading an article in a local newspaper announcing the opening of a new Diva Day Spa  for 2 to 13 year olds! Wow! I need to step back and think about this one for about a second. This new business is emulating those apparently found in bigger cities these days, catering to our young girls. Now you can take your two year old girl, drop her off and she can get her nails done and come home with glittery nail polish and eye shadow!

This article stated that "children's awareness of their appearance seems to come at a younger age nowadays". It sure does due to the media's focus on sexuality and girls behaving like 'adult women' at an early age! I shudder at all of this. I don't understand how this focus can be an "ego boost' and build self-esteem.

This article claims that the purpose of this 'spa' is to make the girls 'feel better'. Why would any parent want their child to feel better about themselves because they are wearing adult-like, alluring cosmetics? This frightens me.

In a world where we are fighting against the pressures on our youngsters to 'be sexy' and to value their looks rather then their capabilities, why would we subject our daughters to this physical beauty centered activity? Are we creating a generation of young women who continue to fall into the trap of valuing themselves for how they look rather than who they are? I'm just sayin'.........

Redefining Beautiful...You Go Strong Girls!

8:50 AM Posted by Dr. Janet Rose

Wow! Look at what these Strong Girls in Texas are doing! I love it. They are redefining beautiful by going without make-up one day per week. They are taking a stand that being beautiful is so much more than physical looks. Hip, hip, hooray for these brave women who are on the cutting edge of Redefining Beautiful, One Girl at a Time.  See it here....
Redefining Beautiful

Free Book for First Parent Who Responds!

12:50 PM Posted by Dr. Janet Rose

"Have them play, or YOU will pay!  This is the theme for Sarah Williamson's new book Play the Real-Life Money Game With Your Teen. This is quite and extensive book, written much like a textbook that will allow you to empower your teen with the skills she/he needs to become a financially responsible adult. It is written in a game format with clear instructions to fit every household need. I sure wish I would have had a plan like this when I was parenting my children!

Sarah has twenty years experience in financial consulting as a CPA. Her knowledge in the field and her expertise as a parent have prompted her to write this worthwhile game-plan for parents eager to help their teens understand the dynamics of money.

This is a high-level, high impact book that I just can't let sit on my shelf. So, I will send you this copy if you email me your address. Send your request and address to: janet@drjanetrose.com and I will send you my copy of this terrific book!

You can check out more about this book at http://www.reallifemoneygame.com/.

Are Parents to Blame for the Sexualization of Our Girls?

10:24 AM Posted by Dr. Janet Rose

"The sexualization of girls — at earlier and earlier ages — is more than one or even a few concerned parents can tackle." This is the message of a recent article I discovered once again calling our attention to the over-sexualizaiton of our young girls. Did you know that recently a 6 year old was kicked off a cheerleading squad because her parents objected to allowing her to "shake her bootie" and chant words that we might hear in an adult-only movie.
The American Psychological Association has taken a look at this American focus and  found that virtually every form of media studied showed ample proof of the sexualization of women. They agree that the  messages being sent to our girls are so pervasive and damaging that they’re having a very real effect on girls’ mental, physical and emotional well being.
I see this daily in our school settings. The numbers of girls experiencing mental health issues centering on low self-esteem,  depression, and eating disorders are on the rise. Where is this coming from? Are the social pressures to be thinner, sexier, and boy-obsessed having an influence? Is the fact that these messages are not only being sent to our teens and pre-teens but also to our elementary-aged girls a factor? Who is to blame? The media? Parents? Schools?
Or all of the above?

Our society is changing rapidly. Our girls are not being taught to value themselves for their creativity, or their intellect, or their individualism, or their ability to do and think for themselves. They are being taught to value 'sexy' .

Isn't it time we take a stand and begin the task of sending new messages to our girls? As parents we can teach our girls what to value. We can encourage them to critically pay attention to what the world is trying to tell them is 'valuable' for them. We can and we must arm our daughters with the skills to be successful, strong women.

As parents we can be blamed or we can do all we can to undo these degrading, demoralizing messages. Check out this article  at the link below and then download my free eBook. This one small step taken today will be one giant leap for your daughter's future.

Helping Girls Stay Girly